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Lesson Plans for Long Term Care
Complete with content, directions, handouts, games and evaluation measures
All Staff Inservices
 Binder 1 (AS) with five inservices:
Hand Hygiene, 
Infection Prevention 2 (Standard Precautions, Sanitation), 
Problems and Needs of the Elderly, Elder Abuse, 
S/S Cardiopulmonary Distress
Binder 2 (AS) with five inservices:
Choking Prevention, 
Fire Prevention and Safety, Resident Rights
Binder 3 (AS) with five inservices:
Workplace Violence,
 Disaster Program, 
Worker’s Compensation Program, Bloodborne Pathogens, 
Hazard Communication
Continuing Education Inservices for Certified Nursing Assistants

 Binder 1 (C.N.A.) with five inservices:
Dementia 1 (Alzheimer’s), 
Abuse Prevention 1 (Mental Abuse-Social Media), 
Medical Emergency Response, Infection Prevention 3 (MRSA & C-Diff), 
Fall Prevention
Pocas has 8 Lesson Plan Manuals for DSD's to utilize in effective inservice training.
All Staff Inservice Binders: 1-3
C.N.A Inservice Binders: 1-5
Staff Development Policies and Procedures: Generic
Additional selections will be available in 2019
Contact Paula at for current offerings and prices.
Binder 2 (C.N.A. with 5 inservices
Infection Prevention (1)
Dementia (2)
Pain Assessment
Care Boundaries
Range of Motion
Binder 3 (C.N.A. with 5 inservices
Resident Rights
Dementia (3)
Abuse Prevention
Competency Evaluations
Change in Condition
Binder 4 (C.N.A.) with 5 inservices
Survey Prep

Binder 5 (C.N.A) with 5 inservices
Flu 2018
Dental Hygiene
The Opioid Crisis
Effective Communication (2)
Compliance and Ethics